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  • Ko Tang Barbershop

    Ko Tang Barbershop

    Koh Tang barbershop located near markets, Glodok, West Jakarta was already established since 1936. There’s no young customers who cut her hair because this place is not cool anymore. Only the old man who cut and wash his ears in Ko Tang. Only Rp 60,000, – barber and cotton buds you might enjoy, but it is also the history of Koh Tang itself. Videographer and Editing Santirta Martendano share this video

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  • Ki Tong the Messenger

    Ki Tong the Messenger

    Ahead of the Cap Go Meh in Lo Cia Bio temple, Duri, West Jakarta, the event took place Tang Sin. That event invite the holy spirit or god to come into the body of the chosen ones are called Ki Tong. Tong Ki duty to provide services and help erase the sins of the people. Videographer and Editing by Santirta Martendano share this video

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  • Men Who Want To Be Queen.

    Men Who Want To Be Queen.

    Indonesia as a country they are many embraced mohammedanism very difficult to accept the existence of transvestites ( woman men ). A man with a soul women dress-up so graceful be a freak for the general. They need to acceptable existence in society although it will find a very precipitous.Pemilihan miss transvestites arena for the transvestites is showing herself into existence in the world that himself worthy accepted and make itself as true terpetnting women.This is their bustle backstage pemilihan […]

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  • al-Anshor, the oldest Mosque in Jakarta

    al-Anshor, the oldest Mosque in Jakarta

    This is Masjid al Anshor, which is still standing in the village Pekojan. The area with most mosques during the Company. This mosque is called again in the 1686’s by Abdul Rachman. The mosque is rather simple and plain. This is established less than thirty years after the mosque burning Jayakarta. A bit difficult to find the oldest mosque in Jakarta, because it is located in a small alley, namely Jl. Pengukiran II, not far from Jl. Pejagalan Raya. Previously […]

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  • Komidi


    Komidi is entertainment and the grassroots game. Terrain in the city center is now difficult to find. They had to run to the edge of Jakarta looking for vacant land so that the wheels continue to spin, although the longer abandoned. share this video

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  • Bank Indonesia Museum

    Bank Indonesia Museum

    Bank Indonesia Museum is a museum in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is located on Jl. Pintu Besar Utara no 3, West Jakarta , with the former Bank building occupies an area of ​​town that is an Indonesian cultural heritage relics De Javasche Bank wing neo-classical, combined with local influence, and was first built in 1828 . The museum presents information of Bank Indonesia’s role in the nation’s history, which began before the arrival of the west of the archipelago to the […]

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  • Bemo Fate in jakarta

    Bemo Fate in jakarta

    Choirul bemo driver tells his efforts in the competitive public transportation in Jakarta. share this video

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  • Manggarai Street Taylors

    Manggarai Street Taylors

    Too small or too big, a nice fitting pants is important. It is a necessity. Street tailors in Manggarai, Jakarta has been around the street alteration business since the 60’s. Only for Rp 5.000 – Rp 10.000 per piece, a row of 15 street-experienced tailors are available for a quick and precise alteration needs. share this video

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