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  • Piece of Love in the Operating Room.

    Piece of Love in the Operating Room.

    Bule is wild cat who suffered a broken leg resulting from hit by a car. Poor cat was found by a mother who was passing on the street. His heart was moved by it and immediately take her to the hospital ragunan. For the sake of her love for cats, the mother expend money enough to the costs of surgery.In the operation room of the mother accompany Bule with full of love.       share this video

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  • The Skater

    The Skater

    Dito is an eyeglasses frame craftsmen. But instead of ordinary eyeglasses frames craftsmen. He uses unusual wood. In a studio in Keramat Jati, Dito share stories. share this video

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  • Video The Rock Star

    Video The Rock Star

    Starting from the vagaries of the current I see people gathered just talking about a chunk that turns the price of 1 kilogram reached eight million dollars. It turns out that Indonesia is one of the largest producer of the precious stones in Asia. Indonesian precious stones including those sought from around the world. No wonder lovers of precious stones in Indonesia is now made ​​of precious stones as a fairly lucrative business. In this 10-minute video documentary The Rock […]

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  • High Level Soccer

    High Level Soccer

    Open space in Jakarta is getting smaller due to the physical development of the city. Football field also remedy people getting lost. There is no other choice but to use the empty space on the rooftop parking page. Here they are amateur soccer players who play in the top of the building. Videographer: Santirta Martendano & Peksi Cahyo Editing : Santirta Martendano share this video

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  • Mother Belief

    Mother Belief

    Ratna Dumila and Menta Lia Kurnia are two mothers who have children who are very special. They have children who have special needs. Not easy raising an autistic child their favorite. Ratna Dumila and Lia are examples of two mothers who have a tremendous spirit in raising their children with special needs. Videographer and editing by Santirta Martendano share this video

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  • Heart


    The story of a married couple this really proves that love is blind. They both can not recognize each other figure but most importantly they can feel the love between them. Photographed and Produced by Santirta Martendano. Song by Sigur Ros. I do not own the copyright of the song share this video

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  • Killing Time

    Killing Time

    His eyes looked with serious scratches that make up such a dinosaur pen made ​​by him. Silent, and very concentrated when confronted with images of white paper. Occasionally he just talk to me “what the name of the dinosaur that could fly?”. The question was rhetorical, because basically he does not care about the name of the animal. His hands kept moving draw a bird and lion. Edo, 9 years old is one of a child who has cancer. He […]

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  • The Story of Hendro Tailor Roving

    The Story of Hendro Tailor Roving

    Clothes become the need of every human being. Now clothes have become a way of life of every human being. In harmony with it a strong demand for higher stitch. Eliminated the traditional tailors. As tailors around this. Clothes torn, ragged pants. Hendro, this roving tailors ready to come home and serve you .. Two years have Hendro undergone this work. Videographer and Editing by Santirta Martendano share this video

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  • Marsinah Radio

    Marsinah Radio

    Marsinah Radio is a community radio established by female workers for equal voice. It is expected that the presence of this community radio, women workers in KBN Cakung can know their rights as laborers and related speaking up for their rights. Videographer and Editing by Santirta Martendano share this video

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  • From KL to Langkawi

    From KL to Langkawi

    This is my journey with my wife. 12 Hours to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur by train and ferry. videographer and Editor : Santirta M share this video

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