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    Mereka yang pernah terluka kini mulai membangun kembali tali persaudaraan antar agama di Ambon. Client Pasific Paint CSR Agency Amarta Digital share this video

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    Program CSR Pacific Paint membuat mural dengan tema meningkatkan nilai-nilai kebangsaan di Kampung Merah Putih. Agency: Amarta Digital. share this video

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  • Wetu Telu Concept In Bayan Community

    Wetu Telu Concept In Bayan Community

    Many people who say that the concept of  wetu telu in Bayan community, Lombok is only three-time prayers ( Sholat). But it’s actually not true. share this video

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  • Mandala Indigenous Forest

    Mandala Indigenous Forest

    Mandala indigenous forest in the village of Bayan, North Lombok  is guarded its presence because it is considered to be one source of water in the north of Lombok. Director and Producer Bachtiar Rahmadian . Videographer and Editing  Santirta Martendano. share this video

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  • Mbah Ngatijo (Continue to take care of the past.)

    Mbah Ngatijo (Continue to take care of the past.)

    His passion of old bikes, makes Mbah Ngatijo is one of the best bicycle mechanic in Yogyakarta. When bicycle users began to decline in Yogyakarta, Mbah Ngatijo still survive. Customers bicycle Mbah Ngatijo come from all over Java. Mbah Ngatijo continue to take care of the past. This video contains scenes of people smoking, the aim of this video was made to raise awareness of bicycle users in Yogyakarta, which began to decline. Not for smoking campaign. share this video

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  • Pesto Autentico

    Pesto Autentico

    Italian Restaurant Video Profile in Jakarta. PESTO AUTENTICO is a restaurant that carries the theme of Italy as the main concept. Present since July 2010, Pesto Autentico has spoiled the country of origin cuisine lovers are famous for the pasta delights. Located in a strategic location, UOB PLAZA, Thamrin, Central Jakarta, make Pesto Autentico easier to reach. share this video

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  • Behind the “Berlin Wall”

    Behind the “Berlin Wall”

    On that day on thursday 6 november 2014 . Residents gathered along the Berlin Wall. On that day of people gathered to celebrate victory football team that the stadium not far from the Berlin Wall . This is not victory for Bayern Munchen or Dortmund but the match between two local football team at small stadium called Hockey Stadium , the mizzen its position opposite the berlin wall . The Berlin Wall is the wall along less than 300 meters […]

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  • Smiling Derawan Island

    Smiling Derawan Island

    Derawan Island is one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia. The Derawan Island is an archipelago in Berau, east Kalimantan. There are a number of tourism islands maritime charming, one of the favorite tourist arrivals undersea diver especially the world class. Derawan island, Maratua, the dipper, and the bear Berau. Geographically, situated in the northern counties Berau sea waters. An inhabitant of an island located in populated Derawan, may said the center of the economy in Derawan. With livelihood […]

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