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  • Mereka yang Berpeluh. Buku Pertamina Aset 5

    Mereka yang Berpeluh. Buku Pertamina Aset 5

    Buku yang dibuat oleh tim dari Tempo Institute ini menceritakan  pembuktikan Pertamina EP Asset 5 bahwa tenaga dan sumber daya lokal sangup mengelola lapangan minyak. Kepercayaan diri, kemampuan teknis yang mumpuni, dilengkapi dengan perencanaan dan strategis bisnis yang baik, dibutuhkan untuk menata langkah ke depan dengan lebih optimistis.   share this video

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  • Behind the “Berlin Wall”

    Behind the “Berlin Wall”

    On that day on thursday 6 november 2014 . Residents gathered along the Berlin Wall. On that day of people gathered to celebrate victory football team that the stadium not far from the Berlin Wall . This is not victory for Bayern Munchen or Dortmund but the match between two local football team at small stadium called Hockey Stadium , the mizzen its position opposite the berlin wall . The Berlin Wall is the wall along less than 300 meters […]

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  • Smiling Derawan Island

    Smiling Derawan Island

    Derawan Island is one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia. The Derawan Island is an archipelago in Berau, east Kalimantan. There are a number of tourism islands maritime charming, one of the favorite tourist arrivals undersea diver especially the world class. Derawan island, Maratua, the dipper, and the bear Berau. Geographically, situated in the northern counties Berau sea waters. An inhabitant of an island located in populated Derawan, may said the center of the economy in Derawan. With livelihood […]

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  • Piece of Love in the Operating Room.

    Piece of Love in the Operating Room.

    Bule is wild cat who suffered a broken leg resulting from hit by a car. Poor cat was found by a mother who was passing on the street. His heart was moved by it and immediately take her to the hospital ragunan. For the sake of her love for cats, the mother expend money enough to the costs of surgery.In the operation room of the mother accompany Bule with full of love.       share this video

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  • Killing Time

    Killing Time

    His eyes looked with serious scratches that make up such a dinosaur pen made ​​by him. Silent, and very concentrated when confronted with images of white paper. Occasionally he just talk to me “what the name of the dinosaur that could fly?”. The question was rhetorical, because basically he does not care about the name of the animal. His hands kept moving draw a bird and lion. Edo, 9 years old is one of a child who has cancer. He […]

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  • Men Who Want To Be Queen.

    Men Who Want To Be Queen.

    Indonesia as a country they are many embraced mohammedanism very difficult to accept the existence of transvestites ( woman men ). A man with a soul women dress-up so graceful be a freak for the general. They need to acceptable existence in society although it will find a very precipitous.Pemilihan miss transvestites arena for the transvestites is showing herself into existence in the world that himself worthy accepted and make itself as true terpetnting women.This is their bustle backstage pemilihan […]

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